Dr Paul Bain

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

I practise at 35 Great James Street, London WC1N3HB

If you would like to make an appointment, all you need to do is make contact with me directly by email  me or call my office to book an appointment through my PA Emese  on  07792 576 432. I am happy to speak by telephone if you require this prior to the initial meeting but only once our meeting has actually been booked. Please feel assured however that there will be ample time at the initial meeting to include a time to meet without your child if you need to speak to me alone. Please simply inform me or my PA of this at the meeting.


Patients who come to see me are usually referred by another Doctor, most often a general practitioner or a paediatrician. The reasons to do this are that: 

  • Health insurance companies often require it. 
  • I would need professional information on the child’s background and development. 
  • I may need to ask the doctor to carry out further treatments and it is unlikely that he or she will accept to do this without having previously been involved with the referral. 
  • In the UK healthcare system, the GP holds the overall view of any individual’s health and represents the gatekeeper to specialist care. It is good practice to recognise this.

An initial full assessment will be carried out as a full single appointment and will include:

  • One hour and a half  face-to-face work.
  • I will provide you with any necessary prescriptions for medicines at the appointment.
  • I will review previous reports (please send these to me beforehand if possible).
  • You will receive a written report after our meeting.
  • Liaison with any necessary parties: school teacher, and other clinicians involved.